Walks for your pocket


Walks for your pocket
12-15th September, 10am-6pm
Parlour Showrooms, Bristol

Three copies of A Sightseer’s Guide to Spike Island (a seed project for Spike Archipelago) will be available later this week from Walks for your pocket, a “mini library of invitations, or provocations to walk in Bristol” housed at the Parlour Showrooms as part of their Walking in the City weekend, the third instalment of the rich and intriguing programme In the City Series, a sixth-month exploration of the city of Bristol through performance.

Walks for your pocket is a quiet, slow feature at the centre of a busy weekend crackling across the city with deep mapping, deriving and drifting, ‘retail heraldry’, silent walking and midnight howling.  Plus a symposium.


Go, walk in your city.  There are still tickets for many of the events, and the mini library is free to use so it truly is a collection of walks for all pockets.